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Class Reunion 2009

Our class has, within recent memory geologically speaking, had another reunion. It was an off-year, our 45th, as it were, but a surprising number of us showed up for the festivities.  Look at the photos, you'll see what I mean. You might even know some of those characters.

This year we owe special thanks, not only to the stalwarts of our reunion committee, but MrsSandyHendersonWillis, a classmate of ours.  Sandy hosted our get-together at her digs north of Spartanburg. Don't ask me where exactly, cos I ain't from around there no more. That said, it is, as you'll see, in a particularly beautiful part of the world.

A number of the pictures posted of our '09 reunion were taken by young HenryDobey, unless otherwise noted.  If you should have a photo you'd like to share, send it along and just maybe, quite possibly, we can sneak it in here.

The picture above was taken by Mike Mabry, who wasn't even a member of our class, although he is an SHS alumnus and married to one of our classmates. The picture itself, well, that's of Sandy's casita, where we held our revels.  In the interest of keeping things straight, we're going to call this picture #1.  The next picture will be, what?  Take a guess.  Yeah, that's right, picture #2.  And so on.  If you think you recognize the people in the pictures, let me know which and we'll put names to faces.  And you can consider yourself a real archivist.

Next picture, another shot of Sandy's home.  As I've noted in the photos for other reunions, pics like these are called establishing shots, and they give the viewer (that's you) an idea of where, when and how.

This picture was also taken by Mike. Nice work. He must have gotten there early, before the rest of us.

Here's a picture of the main room of the house, and several people you might know.  I've said it before, and let me say it one more time -- when you see your old classmates again, you will at first notice how the years have changed them.  But in just a very few moments, and this is true far more often than not, the years fall away, and there they are again, those people you knew. 











The picture above is of John Guthrie and Linda Lawson Payne. They're dancing. Your webguy took the picture, saying this would be the definitive shot of the evening. Not sure what I meant by that, but there you have it, two of our classmates apparently having a good time and smiling.






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